The original, 100% natural pest repellents

Swedish Red Cedar is the original producer of natural pest repellents, located in our Uppsala forest workshop where we assemble every single trap and fill every bottle by hand.

Now, almost twenty years after we made our first bottles of red cedar oil we are the largest manufacturer of red cedar oil products in Europe.

Our UK warehouse is located in Bristol.

  • 1. Clean properly!

    Many pests find a messy or moist environment to be very pleasant. Make sure to clean properly and create open spaces where there are no hiding spots.

  • 2. Spray Red Cedar Oil

    The wooden scent of red cedar oil scares off most common household pests. Place red cedarwood blocks in areas that are particularly infested and spray the oil straight on the blocks for an especially effective defense.

    Red Cedar Wood and Red Cedar Oil 
  • 3. Place/hang traps

    Trap the remaining little buggers with our effective Premium Sticky Traps with Pheromones.

    Premium Sticky Moth Traps with Pheromones